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Cologne, named in 50 AD after Emperor Claudius as „Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium“ or Colony of Claudius and Altar of the Agrippinians was always a globally oriented city due to its strategically and economically valuable location at the River Rhine. Its late Roman and early medieval heritage is clearly visible in the cities architecture and the various findings of historians still enrich the millennia old city's history to this day. Cologne is most commonly known for its fifth season, the Carnival, and the Cologne Cathedral. The highly diverse and pulsing city is located in southern Northrhine-Westfalia and is an ideal hosting location with many cultural, social and scientific sights for a most pleasant DGP-meeting.


The conference venue will be the “St. Georg Tagungs- und Gästehaus” in Cologne. It serves as a conference and meeting center with included simple accommodation. It is located south to the city center and about 1 km west of the River Rhine and offers comfortable single, double and multi-bed rooms (up to four persons). Single and double rooms are equipped with private shower and toilet, multi-bed rooms (preferably occupied by students) have shower/WC on the floor. Meals are included in the conference fee and will be served in the guesthouse.




How to get to the Accomodation

Cologne is accessible by many different options. The Cologne Main Station can be reached by train. The Cologne-Bonn-Airport is located in south-eastern direction between Cologne and Bonn and provides a direct connection to Cologne Main Station via train. Cologne is also easily accessible by highways A1, A3, and A4 for travel by car or bus.


By public transport

Cologne main station is easy and fast accessible via the IC, ICE (Deutsche Bahn AG) and Thalys Network. For traveling by bus you have the possibility to travel to Köln Nord (Leverkusen Bf. Mitte) or Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN). From there you can take a train to the Cologne Main Station.

From Cologne main Station there are many possibilities to travel to “St. Georg Tagungshaus” (tram “16” or buses “133” and “132”).

By car

From Venlo or North-west

via highway A61, exit on Kreuz Kerpen following highway A4 

From Hannover or North-east

via highway A2, exit on Kamaner Kreuz following highway A1 

From Aachen or South-west

via highway A4

From Frankfurt or South-east

via highway A3


The address of the venue is Rolandstraße 61, 50677 Cologne.

Guest House 'St. Georg'



By plane

From Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN): Take Railway “S13”, “S19”, “RE6” or “RE10816” to Cologne Main Station. From there, take the tram “16” or the bus “133” or “132” to “Chlodwigplatz


By foot

If you arrive at Cologne Main Station, you can walk in about 40 minutes to the venue while being rewarded with an scenic tour through the city centre, or a beautiful walk along the river Rhine. If you want to go through the city centre keep yourself left when leaving the main station across the "Bahnhofsvorplatz" and follow the way to the "Wallrafplatz" with a wonderful view on the Cologne Cathedral. Go straight down the "Hohe Straße" pass the "Hohe Pforte" and the "Waidmarkt". There you turn slightly right into “Severinstr." and you will be at “Chlodwigplatz”, where you can see the medieval city wall. Walk straight to the end of "Chlodwigplatz" to reach the tram and bus stop.


If you arrive at the tram station "Chlodwigplatz", the walk to the venue takes about 6 minutes. From Chlodwigplatz you have to walk down the "Bonner Street" till "Zugweg". There you have to turn right into Rolandstrasse, where the venue is located (Nr. 61).